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In 2000 my wife and I started Sprinkler Doctor, Inc. a lawn and landscape irrigation company, in central Ohio.  We owned and operated that company until December 2023, when we sold it to Custom Turf, Inc. 

After entering the equine world in 2011, we found  there was a real need for overhead and outdoor watering systems to control dusty footing in riding arenas. We soon realized there were very few, if any companies that designed and installed dust control systems for this specific need.


After a couple of installations and working out the kinks in our systems, we came up with a indoor system that requires no labor to the user.  The system covers  evenly, without puddling, does not drip after it shuts off and blows itself out with air during cold weather.


The Arena Water system will run when you want it to, middle of the night, decide when its best to water your arena.  You can also choose how long to run the system and how many days of the week, etc.

The patented automatic blowout design gives customers the opportunity to use their arenas year round without the concern of frozen pipes.


Our systems are designed and installed for your individual riding needs as well as the unique riding discipline.

We hope you will take the time to browse our site and contact us with any questions or comments. We would be very happy to supply you with references. We have systems in all corners of the United States and Canada. 


Thanks for your interest.

Mark and Carol Lawhorn

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