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Arena Watering Systems

Indoor Systems

Arena Water's indoor horse arena watering systems are custom designed for each arena for optimum footing and dust control based on the unique needs of your facility. Each sprinkler system is designed with pressure regulated and check valved heads. The regulators in the head control how much water is used by the head, and the check valves keep the water in the lines when not on so there is no puddling on the footing. In cold climates, the system can automatically blow each line out with air before it goes to the next set of sprinklers to keep from freezing. All of our dust control systems are automatically controlled so they can run with or without you present. Contact us today for a consultation so we can get your site information and build the perfect solution for your horse arena or dog track!

Outdoor Systems

Arena Water was formed and started by Sprinkler Doctor, Inc in the Central Ohio area. The professionals in installing and servicing underground lawn and landscape sprinkler systems. We have a full design department for professional design and install crews for installation. We also consult and design on jobs all over the country and Canada. We have the knowledge and experience to get the job done and solve any problems that may surface along the way so you can be totally confident in hiring us for your project.


At Arena Water, we make the installation process easy!  Our professionals can handle the installation, or you or your handyman can install our horse arena or dog track sprinkler system yourselves. We are more than happy to do your install in or out of our service area, or if you are looking for a DIY solution, we will build the system for you and ship it to your site for install. Our shipped system packages are complete with control units, pipe, fittings, hanging sprinklers, specialty tools, design and installation details with all the phone consultation support you will need to do it yourself. The installation is made simple and all the technical aspects are handled by Arena Water.

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